My Favorite Ways to Get Grounded

It’s amazing that something that was the ultimate punishment as a youth is now something I try to practice on the daily. Maybe my parents did know what they were doing? 

If you didn’t catch last month’s blog about the importance of being grounded you can check it out here. I highly recommend that you create a grounding practice either before or after you jump into your social media feeds. 

Below are 20 of my favorite ways to get grounded and put myself back in a great mood after being on social media. 

Top 20 Ways to Get Grounded

  1. Take a walk around the block (this is my dog’s favorite)
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea.
  3. Snuggle with a furry friend (cat, dog, rat?)
  4. Take a 20 minute reading break
  5. 5 Minutes of Meditation – Free Trial with Headspace
  6. Write your friend a REAL letter and send it in the mail
  7. Sit in the yard and listen to the birds (or on your porch/patio/local park)
  8. Destress with an adult coloring book
  9. One minute of stretching it out
  10. Clean the bathroom
  11. Go through your junk mail
  12. Peruse your favorite magazine (real not online)
  13. Journal for 5 minutes
  14. Phone a friend (a quick 5 minute chat can do wonders)
  15. Nap Time!
  16. Drink 8 oz of water
  17. Daydream about your next vacation
  18. Write a Haiku
  19. Declutter one spot in your home
  20. Quick Craft Break (Draw, Stitch, Knit, Collage, Color, your pick)

Let me know if one of these works for you or if you have another grounding practice that you love. And as always, stay Social Happy!



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