3 Twitter Content Ideas

For when you don’t want to Tweet about your #MorningCoffee

Twitter is hands down my very favorite social media platform. 

Years ago Twitter is how I found my first success on social media and how I learned to, if not love the platform, I would say respect the platform. And even have fun with it!

If you want to learn all the ins and outs of Twitter I’ll be teaching my course, Social Happy again this fall. But for now, I want to dive into what to Tweet when you don’t want to talk about your Starbucks order. 

I think one of the reasons people feel hesitant to jump onto the Twitter bandwagon is because they feel overwhelmed by the blank tweet. 

We’ve all been there. 

You have the feeling that you need to tweet today, you should tweet today, so you panic and send out a photo of your latte with #MorningJoe. #Headslap

Here are three topics that I’ve found create great engagement and are more audience focused for you than your morning coffee. 

  1. Motivational Quotes
    • Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!
    • Every Twitter account I manage has some form of quote block that we tweet out on the regular. Why? Quotes get retweets! Also, there’s not a niche under the sun that doesn’t have some sort of inspiring/thought-provoking/AHA thought quote out there about it. So, when in doubt, use someone else’s words in your feed. 🤗
  2. Ask Your Audience
    • Another form of content I rely on to fill up our twitter content streams is asking our audience a question. Twitter has made this even easier by adding their Poll button. 
    • Are you in the food industry? Great! Ask your audience whether they’re a bacon or a sausage person for breakfast (or vegan sausage). Have a lashes business? What about asking how long people feel comfortable going between fills? Are you a fitness coach? Try a question engaging your audience about whether they like to work out in the mornings or the evenings. 
    • Engagement is great and these simple polls are fun ways to get a quick buy in from your audience so that you can get to know them better. 
  3. Your Business!
    • It seems crazy but a lot of my students forget to talk about their business and their own offerings ALL THE TIME!
    • I think we tend to ignore our own sales because we fall into the trap of worrying about over-selling or bothering people. If this sounds like you then rest assured you are probably way UNDER selling yourself. 
    • I like to go by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the content that I share on social media is about other things or free tips or advice. Leaving 20% of my content to be about what I offer.
    • Here are a few examples based on my mythical businesses above. Food Industry can tweet about their Friday Lobster Special – Book your table now. A lashes business can tweet about their loyalty program – Get 11 fills and your 12th is free! That fitness coach? Class starts tomorrow morning at 7 AM, click here to join. 

As with all social media coaching that I do I recommend that you start with the end in mind. Who are you on Twitter to connect with? Who are you looking to help? 

I look forward to tweeting it up with you!

And as always, stay Social Happy!

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