Attitude Over Action

When I was little my dad would repeatedly tell me, “it doesn’t matter how fast you get to the top if your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

I have always been a person of action. 

But little Lauren just wanted to get things done, so she could go and do what she really really wanted to. Read a book. 

Last week I was chatting with someone in an intro consultation. We’ll call her Sally. 

Sally has been on Instagram for years. She’s never liked it. 

But recently Sally hired someone to do her social media for her. Her feed looks beautiful but she’s only getting sporadic engagement and something about it just felt icky to her.

As we were chatting I was scrolling way back in her feed and I came across all these badass women posts. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and quotes from our Vice President, Kamala Harris. And it hit me.

“You’re way more of a badass than your current feed is showing. What happened?” I asked her.

What happened was she leaned into what she should be doing. 

  • She should have pretty colors and quotes. 
  • She should share about her business. 
  • She should post every day.

Sally was scrambling as fast as she could up the pretty Instagram feed wall. 

But she had lost her passion and authenticity. 

Your content can be all the things it SHOULD be but if that’s not linked to who you are and who you serve it won’t get you where you want to go. 

I gave Sally some homework and it’s something that I would like for you to think about too. 

Grab a journal and write for 5 minutes…

Why don’t I like showing up on social media? 

Next week we’re going to look into HOW to bring your authentic self to your social media platforms. So I hope you take a few minutes and get clear on why you may be blocked. 

The answer may surprise you. 

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