Bring Your Authentic Self

This week my friend, Katy Chen Mazarra is hosting her 5 Days to Financial Freedom Challenge.

And I’m so excited for her I posted about it EVERYWHERE.

It’s TOTALLY awesome and it was so easy for me to share about it on my social media feeds last week to help her spread the word about this amazing challenge.

I LOVE shouting out my friends.
I LOVE helping people find useful resources.
I LOVE telling people about all the fantastic things going on in this world.

However using that same megaphone for what I’m currently working on…that’s a bit harder.

Which leads me to the question…

How come it’s so easy for us to shout out our friends and lift others up, but when it comes to talking about ourselves we can barely string a sentence together?

To combat this self-imposed writer’s block, I’ve created a foolproof formula to help you know what to share.

I call this the 30/30/30 Rule.

The 30/30/30 rule goes something like this…

Your feed should be 33.33% full of your passion, 33.33% what your biz is about, and 33.33% your “home” or what grounds you. ⁠⁠

In my case that’s…⁠⁠

✨ Acting – I’ve been a professional actress for over 20 years⁠⁠

🥳 Lil Shameless Plug – teaching people who don’t like social media how to get great engagement online

⁠⁠🐶 Grounding – My pups, my garden, my hubby⁠⁠

And, true to form, I’m really good at helping other people achieve this balance, this flow in their content. I’m really bad at doing it myself. ⁠⁠

BUT because I know this formula, whenever I’m looking to post that next thing I can look at what I’ve been posting and see what I’ve been neglecting. And do you know what? It’s most often my passion. My acting career is both the thing that lights me up most in life AND the thing I’m most reticent about sharing with the world. It also happens to be the thing I get the most engagement on whenever I post about it. Interesting, right?

What about you?
• What’s your 30/30/30 Content Sharing formula?
• What pieces of the formula feel easiest for you to share?
• What are your non-negotiable private moments?

You are the Editor in Chief of your social media content so you get to build your own formula.

I’d love to hear what your next post will be based on this guideline.

If you’re looking for a little more help I have two spots left in my next small group, That IG Life.

Til next time, stay Social Happy!



P.S. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going for me on the silver screen too. #Promise

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