I forgot how FUN social media can be!

This past weekend my big brother got married. They had a stunning, outdoor wedding at a winery in Northern California.

I have to be honest I had some reservations about being around so many people after being in the pandemic lockdown for the past 19 months but I ended up having a wonderful time.

AND I was reminded how much FUN social media can be.

When you view social media as a marketing tool all the time you tend to forget that one of the reasons “regular people” use it is because it’s so much dang fun!

We created TikTok videos and I did a bunch of boomerangs with my nieces and nephews. I photo-bombed some selfies and we got a great shot of the bridal party right before my brother walked down the aisle.

We laughed and giggled and had a blast!

So my challenge to you today is to bring some fun back into your marketing efforts. Try making a reel and lip-syncing along or get creative with your “day in the life” posts or even do a fun poll on Twitter to see who remembers your favorite band from grade school.

Whatever you do, remember that you’ll catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. By injecting some fun into the social media process you’re going to brighten someone’s day (and possibly make a friend).

Have FUN and stay Social Happy!

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