Do you even need a Facebook Page anymore?

On Tuesday, in our monthly consistency call a great question was raised from one of the group members. 

“I have a facebook page and a personal page but most people engage with me on my personal profile. Do I even need my business page anymore?”

The answer…yes and no. 

Facebook Pages were created so businesses and brands could interact with their customers. Due to the algorithm changes organic content from Pages has a lower and lower chance of being seen in people’s Facebook feeds. So there’s not a bunch of engagement happening on Facebook Pages anymore.

I like to encourage people to think of their Facebook Page almost like an extension of their website. Make sure people know how to connect with you and where to go to sign up or buy your service but overall you don’t need to put a TON of effort into content for your Facebook Page. A post a month will do it if your Facebook Page isn’t getting you a ton of traffic already.

A few Pros of a Facebook Page:

  • Can be found on Google! So you have more social proof of your business.
  • You can create Events
  • If you sell products you can set up your products in the Shop
  • If you’re a podcaster you can link your podcast episodes

In general, a Facebook Page will help build your SEO score by allowing your content to be found on another “verified” source on the internet. 

So what if you don’t want a Facebook Page or don’t see why the “Pros” of a Page would be worthwhile for you? 

There is a way that you can share content from your personal profile to a larger audience. Even if you don’t “friend” someone on Facebook. The answer is Followers. Pretty much anyone can “Follow” you on Facebook and then get updates from you when you share content to the Public. 

Take a look at this quick tutorial to see how it’s done. 

Now don’t stress! The only way followers can see updates is if you share content to them in your profile settings. 

Sharing content to Followers of your page can be a really great tactic for people who may not want or need an official Facebook Page. 

At the end of the day it’s up to you and how much you enjoy being on Facebook. 

I start every Consistency Call with a reminder that we are here to “Do Less More Often.” The most impact you can make on any social media platform is by showing up consistently. Consistency is what helps you build engagement. Not how many places you can be found or how many times you can post in a day for one week. 

Stay Social Happy!

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