I forgot how FUN social media can be!

This past weekend my big brother got married. They had a stunning, outdoor wedding at a winery in Northern California. I have to be honest I had some reservations about being around so many people after being in the pandemic lockdown for the past 19 months but I ended up having a wonderful time. ANDContinue reading “I forgot how FUN social media can be!”

Get your Instagram Game on Point!

It’s back to school time and I am here for it.  I used to LOVE back to school shopping. Picking out my classes, picking up the supplies, organizing the course syllabi in my calendar. I think it’s the promise of starting something new and knowing that I have the potential to do anything.  And I’mContinue reading “Get your Instagram Game on Point!”

Bring Your Authentic Self

This week my friend, Katy Chen Mazarra is hosting her 5 Days to Financial Freedom Challenge. And I’m so excited for her I posted about it EVERYWHERE. It’s TOTALLY awesome and it was so easy for me to share about it on my social media feeds last week to help her spread the word aboutContinue reading “Bring Your Authentic Self”