Lil Shameless Plug is hiring!

In Search of a Detail Oriented VA

You Are: 

A detail oriented human who loves to close loops and organize!

We Are: 

A social media management company and school embarking on our 8th year in business. We love to help small businesses create an online presence and cultivate their community online.

This job is for you if…

  • You love to keep people organized and on task.
  • A zeroed out inbox brings you great peace. 
  • Color coded calendars make you super happy. 

Must Have Skills (the following qualifications are a must):

  • knowledge of Mac computer programs
  • Email inbox organization and response
  • Meeting, appointment, and training scheduling, planning, preparation. Confidence with Acuity and Google Calendars.
  • an excellent ability to multitask
  • love working on a team that helps small businesses find huge success!
  • you’ve used Trello as a Project Management Software
  • you’ve used Drip or other newsletter software
  • fluent in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • at least 2 years experience working in an office
  • you’ve worked on a team that has launched on online course
  • mastery of English Grammar
  • you’re a punctual princess (or prince)
  • a real detail-a-holic — you doublecheck your work and avoid small mistakes

Nice to Have Skills / Plus’s:

  • basic wordpress knowledge
  • graphic design skills (Canva+)
  • research speaking opportunities (podcasts/in person when we can)
  • Business goal planning

To apply, email a personal cover letter in the body of your email and attach a pdf of your resume to Please highlight how your specific experience and skill set meet the qualifications mentioned above.

A Social Calendar! Ugh, the overwhelm…

Happy September!

So, I’ve finally done something I’ve always wanted to do and been too scared to do at the same time. I created a Social Media Monthly Calendar!

Now the reason I’ve held off on doing this is I find that social calendars can just lead to overwhelm which leads to paralysis which means you don’t post ANYTHING ALL MONTH! That’s why I’ve created the calendar AND linked it to this challenge.

Your September Social Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pick one, ONE, of the holidays or month themes to include in your social media content in September. 

Think you can handle that? I do too!

And if doing less more often on your social media feeds is something that speaks to you, join me on September 8th when I show you how you can spend as little as 5 Minutes a Day on your social media and get real results.

Sign up for my FREE webinar here,

And let me know which holiday you’ve picked for our September challenge! Happy Posting!

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The Doctor’s Kid is Always Sick

Hello World! You’ve heard the saying the doctors kid is always sick and the dentist’s kid needs braces? Well, the social media company has a terrible web presence! When I started Lil Shameless Plug in 2014 I thought that this would just be a little side gig that would help fund my acting career. Our services have become so popular that we have clients all over the United States! And, until today, had NO WEBSITE! How embarrassing. I almost hired someone to create a web presence for me.

The point is I love my company and I love helping my clients pursue their own dreams. My favorite part of working with a new client is figuring out who we’re talking to. Who is your client? What do they love? What do they hate? Do they watch soap operas? And MOST IMPORTANTLY what problem do you solve for them? Once we have your perfect client in mind we get to get super creative with our posting. The guidelines we create together give me the confidence to speak in your voice (there’s my acting training coming in again).

If you want to check and see if you’ve seen me on the silver screen you can check out my IMDB here.

I look forward to chatting about your social media and how I can help!