Do you even need a Facebook Page anymore?

On Tuesday, in our monthly consistency call a great question was raised from one of the group members.  “I have a facebook page and a personal page but most people engage with me on my personal profile. Do I even need my business page anymore?” The answer…yes and no.  Facebook Pages were created so businessesContinue reading “Do you even need a Facebook Page anymore?”

My Favorite Ways to Get Grounded

It’s amazing that something that was the ultimate punishment as a youth is now something I try to practice on the daily. Maybe my parents did know what they were doing?  If you didn’t catch last month’s blog about the importance of being grounded you can check it out here. I highly recommend that youContinue reading “My Favorite Ways to Get Grounded”

Top 3 Tips for Protecting Your Sanity on Social Media

To opt in or not to opt in, that is the question.  If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma yet then you better go catch it on Netflix. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 😉  When my husband saw the trailer for this show his actual words were, “I want to see that. You can write itContinue reading “Top 3 Tips for Protecting Your Sanity on Social Media”

A Social Calendar! Ugh, the overwhelm…

Happy September! So, I’ve finally done something I’ve always wanted to do and been too scared to do at the same time. I created a Social Media Monthly Calendar! Now the reason I’ve held off on doing this is I find that social calendars can just lead to overwhelm which leads to paralysis which meansContinue reading “A Social Calendar! Ugh, the overwhelm…”

Administrative Assistant

If you are looking for a flexible, work-from-home, part-time position in a creative field, this might be just the place for you.

In your role as Administrative Assistant for Lil Shameless Plug, you’ll be working closely with Lauren. Your duties will range from managing Lauren’s inbox, customer service and scheduling to following up on team project deadlines.